Today, I am going to talk about my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. This was my last international trip before COVID lockdowns. We took this trip in December of 2019. It was so much fun! I hope you go there some time!

In Cambodia, we went to two cities — Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap. In Vietnam we went to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. I learned a lot of new stuff in this trip.

  1. We went to a fish spa in Siem Reap. You put your feet in a fish tank and the fish nibble it to clean your feet. It is so ticklish.
  2. We went to see Angor Wat. It is one of largest Hindu temple on the planet. It is thousands of years old.
  3. we went to a waterfall and got wet but it was fun
  4. We went on a TukTuk. It was fast, we just loved it
  5. We went to a flower farm it was so nice. There were huts made of hay, and we relaxed in them
  6. We went on the Mekong river. It is one of the longest river in Asia. We saw a fishing village with houses on stilts.
  7. In Ha Long Bay, we went on two boats. One sister is going to dad and one to mom and then we switched
  8. We went to many shops and there were markets selling worms to eat
  9. We went to a coffee shop that was selling egg coffee… It was not yummy!!
  10. We went on a rickshaw. It was a cycle with a place for all of us to sit
  11. We stayed in the french quarter in Hanoi
  12. We went on a car and did funny things past time
  13. We took lots of pictures

I can’t wait to go back once we can travel again internationally after COVID.